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First Aid Kit First aid kits are very important in any disaster, to maintain your body to keep from getting an infection. An infection can kill you if you cant get to a doctor, and during a disaster, you may not be able to go to the hospital, so it's very important to keep any wounds clean.
A Supply of lighters to start a fire Having a supply of lighters, will give you the ability to start a fire if and when needed, depending on if a disaster is during the winter. Even in the summer, some nights you may want a fire. You will need a fire for cooking also. You can get matches, or fire starter. Matches may get wet, so lighters will be the best choice.
Sleeping bags You will need a sleeping bag for every family member that is in your group, so everyone can sleep warmer at night. Most sleeping bags can be rolled up to a small bundle, so storing them will be easier. Everyone should take care of their own sleeping bag, and all their own gear..
A tent or large tarp for camping Depending on how many family members you have, you should have a large enough tent to sleep you all, or at least a couple of tents to make sure everyone can sleep in a tent instead of outside. When a disaster hits, depending on what kind of a disaster. If all power is off, and it's been off more than two weeks, than I suggest you leave your home for the woods. After a couple of weeks without power, it could be dangerous.
Learn how to make a quick shelter Learn how to make a quick shelter, just incase you don't have a tent, or you could not bring one with you due to running away from trouble. Knowledge of making outdoor shelters can be a great survival tool, especially if the weather is below freezing. You must learn how to make a shelter now, and not after a disaster.
Plastic tarps You can buy a large roll of plastic tarp. The picture at the left is a blue tarp, and I suggest getting a black plastic roll of tarp. this will be a great tool for covering a homemade shelter. This will keep you dry. You can use it on the floor of your shelter, so you wont have to be on the grass or dirt.
Plenty of rope You should have a few bundles of rope, for making a shelter. Rope is a must have for many different task while living outdoors. You may have some ideas of what you would use the rope for. Rope is great for tying the branches together, and for tying on the tarp for the roof.
Cooking utensils You will need cooking utensils, like pots with cover and handles. You will be cooking over an open fire, so I suggest you cook a few meals over an open fire to know how to do it. Learning this after a disaster can be trying. There are plenty of camping pots and pans that will work fine. A two burner camp stove would be great for cooking.
Plastic water bottles for family members Have a plastic bottle with a lid for every family member, with their name on them. Everyone must take care of their water bottle. You should have at least one water jug that will hold a few gallons of water. When you run out of clean water, you can get water out of any pond or stream. You can buy some water purifying pills to clean the water, than fill up every ones water bottle. Always keep the large water jug full of clean water.


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